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HOW TO TAIL SLIDE - It may be easier to do this trick if you think of it as a combination of a 180 Ollie (front side or back side) and a nose slide. This trick is much harder than the nose slide and when done backside can be really difficult. Approach your target at a 30 degree angle or less and Ollie as though you were going to do a 180. As you rotate the first 90 degrees your tail and back trucks will be over the ledge.

As you reach 90 degrees your tail should be directly over the ledge. Press down with your back foot and "push" the tail as you would in a nose slide. When you come to the end of the ledge or loose your momentum you have 2 options. You can either roll to fakie (finishing the 180) or drop off and ride away in your normal stance.

With this trick the hard part is getting the back foot to guide the tail of the board to the ledge or rail, but with practice it'll come naturally. To do this trick backside isn't easy and is mush harder than front side, but it's easier to finish of the 180 and roll to fakie, especially at speed.

Back Side Tail Slide




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