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Ollie Grab

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Before you take this trick to a ramp do it standing still. Bend your knees really deeply as this is the position you want to be in in the air. Ollie as you would usually and practice getting into a position where you can grab the board (with knees bent, you shouldn't have to bend at the waist at all.)  Have your hand ready to grab the board i.e. sort of drag it behind/down but don't let it prevent the natural course of your Ollie For first trying this trick I suggest using your back hand to grab the board between your feet (an Indy). When you first do this trick just tap the board with your hand until you get the feel of it. When you start to try it on a ramp or down stairs or what ever grab the board, pull it out from under you and then bail, If the gap isn't too big! This way you get the feel of the grab and then once you've got the hang of it stick the trick and ride away! When you're doing this trick remember to keep both feet in contact with the board whilst grabbing and when you've finished the grab keep the board stuck to your feet as you extend your legs,






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