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Frontside 180 Ollie

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If you've got the Ollie down then the 180 Ollie should follow soon after. The instructions below are on how to front side 180, meaning you can see in front of you the whole way. Okay, this is how it's done. Go along as though you were going to Ollie. Place your front foot of the way up the board and your back foot fairly central on the tail.

Begin the Ollie motion but as you pop the kick, move your back foot around as far as you can whilst keeping it on the board. At the same time as this drag your front foot up the board and around in an opposite direction to your back foot. If all is done right you'll land the ollie going fakie (backwards). This trick is hard to describe but the important thing to remember is that both feet play an equal role in the moving of the board. If you try to do the whole thing with one foot, YOU WILL NOT MAKE IT. This is the most common error and can be easily avoided, GOOD LUCK!
Front Side 180 Ollie



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