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BackSide 180 Ollie

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 The backside 180 is exactly the same as the front side 180 except you spin the opposite way, i.e. with you back facing towards your landing. You should attempt this trick with your back foot in the center of the kick and your front foot slightly above the center of the deck, slightly closer to the heel edge.

This is where all the difficulty comes in. Okay, roll forward at a moderate speed, (this trick is very hard to do standing still or going slow so move with a bit of pace). Start to ollie as you would normally but as you snap down the kick and drag your front foot up, move your back foot around 180 degrees. When you drag your front foot up you should also drag it across the board, helping the rotation. Thus both your feet are working together in rotating the board. Use your feet together, land and roll away. 

Sounds easy eh? The trick is to keep your back foot on the board whilst rotating. To do this some skaters Ollie at an angle to make it easier but I've found it's easier to go big and rotate slowly around. If you don't make 180 degrees that's cool just lean to fakie and if you ride with loose trucks (like me) you'll make it. This is one of those tricks which looks and sounds easy but ain't. It's also the basis for the backside 180 kick flip.
Back Side 180 Ollie




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