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The nose slide is one of the great moves of skating today. This trick can be taken on so many different levels from the basic curb to a big burly 25 stair hand rail. Ok, to backside nose slide on a low ledge, approach the ledge with a fair amount of speed (this influences your sliding distance), with your back foot on the tail of the board and the front foot on the nose. Approach the ledge at a shallow angle (45 degrees or less) and as you approach shift your weight to your back foot to raise the nose. Then when the nose is over the ledge shift your weight forward onto the nose, and push your back foot out so that your board is at right angles to the ledge. You should be sliding along now. To aid your sliding, if you are doing the trick backside, put your weight onto your heel and "push" the board a little. If you are doing the trick backside then do the same thing but with the ball of your foot.

To get out of the slide you can either roll to fakie of continue in your usual stance.  To continue in your usual stance push the nose of the board forward, off the ledge and keep your back foot in touch with the board. To roll to fakie use your back foot to rotate the board around the next 90 degrees and your nose will drop of the ledge.

If you are doing this trick on a high ledge, on your approach Ollie either backside or front side 90 degrees so that your front foot lands on the nose which can then pressed to the ledge and slid. Exit the same way but hold the board to your feet.


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