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There is a lot of hype surrounding the kickflip and it is probably the most popular trick in skating today. The kickflip is a lot easier than many think. A KICKFLIP IS VERY, VERY SIMILAR TO AN OLLIE. Stand on the board as you would for an ollie, but have your front foot slightly more on the edge of the board.

Start the kickflip just as you would an ollie and drag the front foot straight up the board from it's starting position. (Just by doing this the board should flip in the air) When your foot reaches the kick drag it off the edge off the board to allow the deck to rotate freely. Once the deck has flipped over once, use your back foot to catch the deck. From here the front foot should be stomped back onto the deck, evening out your weight between both feet. Hit the ground and roll away! Catch the sequence above to get the idea.



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