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The heelflip is a great trick. A heelflip is flipping the board in the opposite direction to a kickflip. This trick is relatively simple however many people do it wrong and end up getting no where near. First things first. The heelflip requires exactly the same action as a kickflip but in the opposite direction. The only difference is where to place your feet when beginning a heelflip place your feet in exactly the same position as you would as ollie. Initiate the trick as you would an ollie however when dragging your foot up the board, drag your front foot OVER the board and up towards the nose. This should cause the board to flip and level out in a fluent motion ready to be caught with the back foot and rode away.

There are many errors that people make when trying this trick but here is the main two. DO NOT place your heel on the opposite side of your board. This will cause the board to flip behind you with no chance of pulling the trick off.

The second is that people don't concentrate on levitating the board into the air but focus all their efforts on getting the board to flip. Do this and the board will FLIP INTO YOUR BUTT. The ollie factor and the flipping factor are equally important in this trick. Flip on!



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