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a hardflip with a body varial (sorta)

Before we start I just want to clear up one thing. A frontside flip, a frontside 180 kickflip and a frontside kickflip are exactly the same trick. Also a hardflip is where the board does half a backflip and half a kickflip, not a kickflip with the back foot as some people think. A pressure flip is where the board does a half backflip and half heelflip. Quite technical really. Now that that's outta the way here we go. . .

The frontside flip is a trick in which the board is kickflipped and spun 180 degrees whilst the rider turns in a frontside body varial . Sounds more complex than it is. I will describe my favourite method of performing this trick however it IS MOST CERTAINLY NOT the only way in can be executed. The trick is often flipped quite quickly and catching the board at the right moment is essential (much like the pop-shuvit). To do a frontside flip you need to be rolling along (it's very hard to pull of standing still) and place your feet in a "forward" angle i.e. facing more towards the nose than usual. Then pop the board with your back foot, get your front foot out of the way and spread your legs allowing the board to half backflip through your legs.Okay that's pretty easy, now's the hard part. When you get your front foot out of the way you need to drag it off the edge of the board, do this just right so the board flips over whilst backflipping, thus landing right way up.When the board is doing this, you, the skater are completing a body varial (a 180 dgree mid air spin). This is quite natural as all your momentum is moving in that direction, either clockwise (if you are goofy) or anti-clockwise (if you are natural). Catching the board in this trick ain't too hard, you've got a bit of time, so when the board finishes the rotation plant both feet on it, hold it to the ground and ride away! This isn't an easy trick and it's up there in difficulty with the 360 kickflip, just practise getting the board to rotate whilst backflipping and you'll have it in no time!



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