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360 Flip Kick Flip Fakie Kick Flip Hard Flip Heel Flip FrontSide Flip BS 180 Kick Flip Pop Shuv-it Ollie Ollie Grab Frontside 180 Ollie BackSide 180 Ollie Nollie 50-50 Grind 5-0 Grind Board Slide Nose Slide Tail Slide Cabalerial Big Spin


 (DESCRIBED FRONTSIDE) - The cabalerial is a fake 360 ollie named after pro skateboarder, Steve Cabalero. To do this trick, you need to have mastered the fakie ollie and the 180 ollie. Roll fakie with moderate speed with your front foot in a similar position it would be in for the 180 ollie, that is of the way up the board and fairly central. The ball of your back foot should be more towards the heel side rail. In your run up it might be a good idea to move your arms behind you (actually in front of you when you are riding fakie) so that you can bring them around to help your body and board spin

Start the motions by popping the tail hard and pushing it OUT (because it's frontside) from your body as you drag up your front foot in a circular motion (clockwise for goofy, anit-clockwise for natural). Your front foot and back foot work together in bringing the board around and it is your upper body (ie your arms) that move your body around. Continue to push your front foot and your back foot around in a circular motion until you land and roll away fakie.

You've really got to rotate quickly if you are doing this trick on flat land and the importance of getting your whole body moving in a circular motion becomes very important.

This sounds a lot harder than it is.


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