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BS 180 Kick Flip

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The b/s kickflip is not an easy trick. Before even attempting this make sure you've got kickflips and backside 180s dialed, then this is what you do. Begin the kickflip motion as usual but begin to rotate your body backside. If you've done this then you'll probably rotate 90 degrees with your board flipping as usual. The tricky part is getting the next 90 degrees and this is how to do it. As you and your board rotate catch the board when it has completed about 3/4 of it's flip with your back foot, then with a sweeping motion drag it around the remaining amount. It is very hard to this trick by doing a kickflip varial then just throwing your body around 180 degrees. The key is how you catch the board. Catch it at an angle as you will be able to rotate it much easier than if it were parallel to the ground.


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