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A board slide is a slide in which the deck is slammed onto the rail/bench/ledge or whatever and slid along. This is the most common way for skaters to break their decks but it's a great trick none the less. To do a board slide approach the rail at a 30 degree angle (or less) and as you approach the target Ollie up. When you feel that your deck is over the object push down with both feet and slap the deck to the rail. As you would with all other slides "push" the board forward with either your heels (front side) or the ball of your foot (backside). As you near the end of the rail apply a little more weight to your back foot and then move your front foot (and the board) around 90 degrees, drop off and ride away.

Balancing yourself or the rail can be pretty hard and it's easier if you put one arm extended out front and one extended out back. Also on a backside board slide "push" only a very small amount as if you do it much harder the board will slide out from under you and you face will be sliding along the rail. To avoid snapping your deck whilst performing this trick, many people slide more over their trucks than the center of the board to give some extra support. SLIDE ON!

Front Side Board Slide
Back Side Board Slide




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