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This is trick is best described in steps -

1) Place the ball of your foot on the tail as if you are going to do a pop shuv-it, and position your front foot a bit up from the centre of the deck. Your front foot should be positioned at the angle for a kickflip.

2) Your simply going to do a backside 180 and a 360 shuv-it simulaneously. So, begin your backside 180 ollie by smacking down the tail, but instead of letting the natural 180 take place, shuv-it the board vigorously back with your back foot. Send the board spinning , but be careful not to make one of the most common mistakes by doing a 360 presure flip instead of a shuv-it;the best way to unsure no flip to occur while doing the big spin is to smack the tail dead centre.

3)You will now be backside 180ing as the board is 360 shuv-iting. Here is where your front foot plays a vital role. The foot should hover right above the spinning board insuring that the boarding doesn't flip and that you stop the board spinning once it has made a full rotation.

4)After the board has gone 360 and you have gone 180, it's time to land. Your feet should be in the in the common backside position- each foot resting over the truck bolts and you weight should be centered. Land and roll away.

This sounds a lot harder than it is


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