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5-0 Grind

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A 5-0 grind is like the 50-50 but instead of sticking both trucks on the ledge you just stick the back one, so itís like a manual grind. This is how to do it. Approach with confident speed at a 30 degree angle or less. Ollie as you would for a 50-50 but Ollie higher, so that you peak over the ledge. Just before you peak, push your back foot down but leave your front foot at itís original height. As the truck comes into contact with the ledge, push the wheels against the vertical part of the ledge as you would with the 50-50. Now youíre on, balance in that position, grinding along until you drop of the end of the ledge or loose momentum and drop of the side. Once youíve got this trick down then you can transfer to a front side or backside tail slide halfway through. This trick is really sick and when itís done crooked it looks and feels even better. Heaps of people have trouble holding the position in the grind so you may want to practice manuals on a manual pad or a kerb or something like that.

Front Side 5-0 Grind



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