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The 360 flip is THE trick of skating today. It involves the board rotating 360 degrees whilst flipping over once. The 360 flip is a big, carefully defined "pop". You cannot move the board like you would in a kickflip varial and still pull this trick off. To 360 flip move along at a moderate speed (it is very hard to do this trick standing still) crouch down then begin an action as you would with a pop shuvit. However as you do this the front foot needs to be pushed forward, as would be done in a shuvit then off the edge of the board to begin the flip. The back foot needs to be pushed back with more aggression and precision than with the shuvit. If the above is done correctly the board should spin and flip in the air. Now we come to the three hardest parts of the trick.

The first is getting enough pop to stay above the board whilst in the process of the flip ( so you can catch the board before it hits the ground.) To do this make all of the actions clear and defined and don't just "flick" the board out from under you.
The second trick is getting the board to spin under you and not way out in front of you where it is impossible to catch. This is one of the most common flaws and it is overcome be equally balancing the actions of the front and back foot. This sounds a lot easier than it is as the front foot usually just tries to everything by itself

The third is catching the board. This is pretty hard as it is coming from behind you. I can't give any specific instructions on how to do this but just get a feel for how the board spins and it will come to you in no time.


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